About OWK

Hello and welcome! We are Maria and Alex Mourer and Our Wandering Kitchen (OWK) is one of our many adventures together. We are both Southern Indiana natives and love our home base in Evansville. Yet, whether in our camper or by way of a big bird in the sky, we thrive on our adventures away from home. Healthy eating is always a priority in our lives and is easy with the support of others. We have a lot of fun documenting our plant-based food journey and hope that by sharing we can be a support system to others.

Our Greatest Adventure

Our greatest adventure began the day our daughter, Esme, was born. We learned so many lessons in her first year of life—one being, the importance of food as a life source. Healthy and nourishing food became a priority in our lives, and it has been a journey of continual learning ever since. Because we are now responsible for growing our small human, her existence is a constant reminder to eat better.

Healthy Community

Still, it can be easy to ignore the importance of nutrition on our overall well-being. Having a supportive community to lean on is essential, whether it is a virtual or physical presence. With intention and encouragement, nourishing our bodies doesn’t have to be a constant struggle. Healthy and delicious can absolutely be one and the same. We hope Our Wandering Kitchen is an inspiration to you the way so many are to us in our journey.

Healthy Planet

Not all that long ago, we were huge meat eaters. A gradual shift, made for our health and the health of our planet, brought us to where we are now… predominantly plant-based eaters. The inspiration for our vegetarian recipes comes from both the meals we grew up eating and from the new experiences we’ve had while traveling together.

Sharing Love

Our kitchen is not just space where we prepare food and nourish our bodies, but also where we share life and love. Whether our kitchen space is at home in Indiana, around a campfire, or traveling the world, it is our favorite place to be.

From our wandering kitchen to yours, you can lean on us when you are looking for healthy, plant-based recipes. Together, we can eat better.

Take care,
Maria & Alex